(1) people Location & Outdoor portraitS


We do not do standard studio portraits, but will do Personal and Business outdoor, location and/or natural light environmental or “lifestyle” or personality portraits, whether personal, couples, group, family, or studio portraits if required (weddings only if special style is needed) See for yourself.

Aspect-Vision = Your beauty & my lens = BEAUTIFUL ART

Unique People - Unique Places - Beautifully

"Aspectvision" means "appearance to the eye or mind."  We chose this as the name to signify what we do, which is to provide the very best quality of artistic images of two things: (1) a vision for unique people, their way, in unique places and their own environments-beautifully; and (2) a vision for unique aspects on unique things and places-beautifully.


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my Specialties & experience

(2) Places -  places and things of beauty


Fine-art prints or digital display/copies or stock photos featuring water, abstracts, seascapes, landscape, flowers; Local travel and history; Business advertising, marketing and events and quality real estate properties