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MISSION: Every one is unique and has inner and outer beauty. How to I capture that without being just another portrait photographer? Aspect-vision strives to be better and different with the utmost care and make the highest quality professional portrait digital images, prints and videos of our subjects in still images and videos from still images. The videos tell the story that the client wants to tell.

BIO: I am an active outdoors adventurer, a scuba diver, abalone diver, fisherman, traveler, backpacker/hiker as well as, most importantly, a photographer since 1974 and a professional one since 1999, using the trade name “Aspect-Vision” since 2001.

METHOD: I study my subject and then capture it, using my artistic expression applied to photographic methods made using meticulous care, designed to explore and portray the unique personality of my subjects, whether they be people, places or things. 

STYLE: My passion, and my mission is to provide to my clients and followers, and to the public, an artistic theme featuring the chosen subject in a natural environment with carefully selected natural foreground and background with the subject's inner and out beauty captured the same way we do with the other wonders of nature, involving great detail, abstract, mood, water and color. I make images of nature in high resolutions suitable for large fine-art gallery prints for collectors, businesses and, when hired, marry those things in an elegant, unique way to capture the unique personality of my client’s subject(s). My gallery features fine-art prints or digital display/copies or stock photos emphasizing water (particularly moving water), nature, abstracts, seascapes, landscapes, trees, light, and flowers. Because I enjoy photographing people, I meld the two together. I also enjoy metropolitan cities and their attractions and people.

​EQUIPMENT/LOCATION: I use three camera outfits, one medium format and two full frame 35 mm (Nikon) FX high resolution digital cameras, all with the best optical lenses available in order to capture in two dimensions a three dimensional look with extraordinary quality. My work is centered and my passion lies in landscape, nature, wildlife, macro and other outdoor photography, and, for my clients, marrying into them the people subjects in their most natural and chosen environment -- outside of the studio environment -- although that is also available on request -- whether in their homes, offices, or in the most beautiful places in the world.